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USDA and Forest Service Issue Final 2012 Planning Rule Directives

2015-01-30 / Outdoor Alliance

In preparation for updating its land management plans, the U.S. Forest Service recently released directives to guide the implementation of the 2012 Planning Rule. These directives guide the Forest Service on how to balance the needs of recreation, development, logging, and grazing in over 150 nat...

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The most majestic unprotected area in the West

2015-01-14 / Outdoor Alliance


“The Boulder-White Clouds is a spectacular landscape with outstanding recreational opportunities. It offers high alpine, big, backcountry mo...

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Proposed Protection for the Frontcountry in California

2014-09-26 / Tom Flynn

We all dream of the far away trips, but for most of us, the everyday chance to get outside often matters more. Frontcountry areas, which offer close-to-home natural settings and outdoor experiences, are vital for these day to day activities, and are often under protected.

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Outdoor Alliance Defends Travel Management Planning

2014-06-18 / Tom Flynn

The Forest Service’s travel management process is crucial to how we experience our national forests. Though not perfect, this process creates common-sense access for both human powered and motorized users, by designating different kinds of routes, trails and areas. As the...

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Growing Recreation Support for Boulder-White Clouds

2014-06-02 / Tom Flynn

The Conservation Alliance, the Adventure Cycling Association and the American Alpine Club joined Outdoor Alliance in support...

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Interior Lays Out Mitigation Strategy

2014-04-10 / Tom Flynn

Today, the Secretary of the Interior released a report on the Department’s mitigation ...

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Outdoor Alliance Supports Boulder-White Clouds National Monument

2013-09-26 / Tom Flynn

The Boulder and White Cloud mountain ranges in central Idaho are amongst the largest unprotected landscapes in the continental US. They boast incredible, unique opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, especially on skis and mountain bikes. With much of the area included in a longs...

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Hearing on Impediments to Public Recreation on Public Lands

2013-05-07 / Tom Flynn

This morning, the Subcommittee on Public Lands and Environmental Regulation held a hearing titled “Impediments to Public Recreation on Public Lands.” This Subcommittee is an important part of the House Natural Resources Committee, is chaired by Congressman Rob Bisho...

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Outdoor Alliance Comments on Forest Service Directives

2013-05-01 / Tom Flynn

Following the completion of the 2012 Planning Rule, the Forest Service recently released the Proposed Directives. Together, the Planning Rule and the Directives are complimentary management documents that determine how the Forest Service will update forest plans. Broadly speaki...

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Outdoor Alliance Testifies Before Congress

2013-04-18 / Tom Flynn

Every year, Congress works on laws that fund the operations of the federal government, including agencies like the Forest Service and the National Park Service. As we have before, Outdoor Alliance was invited to testify before the House Interior and Environment Appropriations S...

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Outdoor Alliance Supports 4 Bills in House and Senate

2013-03-28 / Tom Flynn

Yesterday, Outdoor Alliance submitted letters supporting four promising pieces of legislation in the House and Senate. We thanked the sponsors and co-sponsors for their work on three subjects we have long supported: the Land and Water Conservation Fund, the Federal Lands Transa...

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Outdoor Alliance Submits Maps for Chugach Forest Plan Revision

2013-03-11 / Tom Flynn

Last year, the Forest Service released a new Planning Rule that will guide how Forest Plans are updated. Many of our national forests are managed under plans that are years, sometimes decades, out of date. The new Planning Rule determin...

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Outdoor Alliance Provides Input on National Visitor Use Monitoring

2013-02-21 / Tom Flynn

Recently, the US Forest Service sought public input on its National Visitor Use Monitoring (NVUM) survey. This survey is a vital, but imperfect way to measure how people use our national forests. In our comments, Outdoor Alliance applauds the Agency for its intentions and sugge...

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BLM Looks for Recreation Input for Western Oregon

2013-01-14 / Tom Flynn

The Bureau of Land Management is developing a 20 year plan for about 2.5 million acres in Western Oregon. They want input from climbers, hikers, paddlers, mountain bikers and backcountry skiers, so this is a great opportunity to help them out and make our voices heard.

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Top 5 Achievements from 2012

2013-01-01 / Tom Flynn

2012 was the most successful and influential period in the seven-year history of Outdoor Alliance. So what did we do? Here are our top five achievements from the last year.





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America's Great Outdoors Progress Report Released

2012-12-05 / Tom Flynn

Yesterday, the Obama Administration released a progress report to the ongoing America’s Great Outdoors (AGO) initiative. The report details on-the-ground results from the initia...

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BLM Finalizes Improved Oil Shale and Tar Sands Plan

2012-11-16 / Tom Flynn

Last week, the Bureau of Land Management released the final version of their oil shale and tar sands development plan, making substantial improvements to the 2008 plan.

As we reported in May, the BLM is revising their plan ...

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Outdoor Alliance Launches Grass-tops Initiative

2012-09-18 / Tom Flynn

When climbers, paddlers, mountain bikers, hikers and backcountry skiers speak together about conserving outdoor spaces and experiences, people listen. For the last six years, Outdoor Alliance has been this unified voice on national policy matters, ensuring the protection and enj...

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Two Smart Renewable Energy Bills Proposed

2012-07-16 / Tom Flynn

Two new bills before Congress lay out a conservative, balanced approach to renewable energy development on our public lands. Wind and solar energy are great ways to meet our energy needs, but like all energy development, renewable energy projects have impacts on the landscape. W...

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